The secret diary of a crohns girl!!!

Hi welcome to my very blessed and not so blessed life!!

I’m just a normal 32year old women/mother (I’m a mum to a beautiful 4year old little girl)

A normal women who has 3 butt holes (yes that’s right 3 bum holes) quite the talent!!Half a stomach!! oh and I think slight mental problems ok not slight complete f**king looney!! so I’ll be signing this Anonymous!!!

I suffer terribly with chronic crohns and peri anal disease and I’ve been in a major flare up (2years on going 🙄) and I just can’t seem to get better and of late it was really beginning to effect my mental health so I started like a blog/journal and I’m finding it’s really helping me out with my mind frame.

So For those of you that don’t know crohns is a very intimate and embarrassing illness especially for us women. We want to remain sexy and ladylike well you try being that with 3 arse holes that leak and flare with also my balding hair and that’s putting the symptoms lightly ….not to worry tho I’m going to let you all know the nitty gritty of what living with crohns is really like unfortunately your going to have to hear of my terrible toilet habits and of my horrific experiences that I can now look back on with humour. So this is why I’m here I want to smash down the walls of not talking about crohns because it’s embarrassing!! It’s not embarrassing it’s not our fault it’s this illness and I want to make it common practice to talk about s**t literally……I’m guessing this blog isent for the light hearted or easily offended… I tend to swear ALLOT it’s just who I am I come from a very working class background and what you see is what you get so please don’t judge me! just come share my experiences if reading my blog is guaranteed to do anything it will make others feel better about there own life’s.

I’m really new to this and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing I want to add a comments section so readers can get involved and maybe other crohns sufferers can share there stories along with mine. I want to capture the humour in this disease lots of embarrassing stuff/stories coming up

This Isent the last you have heard from me much love peeps 😘 xxx

5 thoughts on “The secret diary of a crohns girl!!!

  1. I think that this blog will totally give us an insight to what’s its like living with this disease. I don’t know much about it but thank you for being so open and vulnerable as I know it probably isn’t easy. I look forward to more !

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  2. After reading this I am so excited to see what you post next. I don’t know much about Crohns Disease but I feel from your posts I am going to learn so much about what it is really like living with the disease.


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